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Apply to be a Featured Candidate

Apply to be a Featured Candidate: < Click here to submit your application to become a Featured Candidate.

(If the link above does not work for you: please Copy and Paste the questions below with your full answers in the body of your email. Due to the overwhelming response we are currently having problems with our Featured Candidate application form. We are working to get this form back up and running. We appreciate your patience.Thank you!)


If you are interested in becoming one of our featured candidates please submit the following:

Please Submit your resume (as a word doc) to the link above. Along with the following about your Current/Past Experience:

1. Industry Experience (ex. Marketing, Finance, Information Technology etc.):

2.Years of Experience:

3.Current Industry

4. Current Job Title

5. Current Role and Responsibilities

6. Current Location

7. Achievements (ex. Grew 1st year revenues to 10MM, Built ground up Marketing division, Developed Industry leading Saas System, Saved 15% in budget ...) These should be measurable achievements that demonstrate abilities that make you stand out among your peers!

8.Strongest Skills

9. Current Compensation: (salary, bonus etc)


About your Dream Job:

1.Areas of Interest: (Industries that attract you or companies you are interested in)

2.Desired Job Titles:

3.Desired Locations:

4.Desired Compensation (range is preferable):

5.Desired Company Type:

6. Desired Company Size:

7. Desired Responsibilities and Duties:

8.Other notes or key info you would like to include: (ex. I LOVE developing mobile software, I enjoy start-up environments, I prefer to work with fortune 500 companies etc..)

 Thank you! We look forward to representing you.


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