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Regional Director/CEO US Operations

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Our client occupies a unique niche in the marketing sector of the event industry. Organizers and events have long relied on traditional methods to attract attendees, spending money in blind marketing campaigns without being able to calculate their effectiveness and real cost-per-attendee. 


Launched in 2007, they have grown into the leading event industry Internet resource and offer online services for two target segments: business event organizers (b2c) and b2b websites.  They are the first to dive into this $40 billion a year industry of event promotion.


Our client lists more than 80,000 events in over 20 industrial groups from almost 150 countries.  Traffic from their Affiliate Network has over two million unique page views and reached over 900,000 visitors.  They are a member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events), and IFES (International Federation of Exhibition and Event services).


With a proven business model and two rounds of investment behind it, they are determined to make the leap into the market with the greatest Internet penetration: the USA.  Therefore, they are currently looking for a Regional Director with a proven track record in effective company development (solid management/operational experience, strong leadership qualities, etc.) to lead their operations into obtaining a significant market share and to increase brand awareness.  Ideal candidates will have successfully completed at least two projects either in the IT or the event management industry.  As an IT affiliate marketing project, the perfect candidate has management and business development experience in a successful digital marketing company.

Reports to:

  • Chief Executive Officer -International

Goals to be achieved:

  • Lead the company into taking a 5% share of US business event marketing budgets within the first three years.
  • Increase brand awareness

Board Functions:

  • Steady coordination with the board to ensure the global vision of the brand.
  • Presentation of monthly accounts and analysis to the board (on the business’s main indicators – profitability, % market share, % market share amongst top-grossing shows).
  • Engage consultants and advisers to the board for the development of business within the Americas, if needed.

Management Functions:

  •  Operations: Review and evaluation of the b2b and b2c aspects of the business, daily resource allocation, team formation (hiring and termination, training).
  • Finance: P&L, budgeting, financial planning, tax returns. (The chief accountant will reside in London.  The local office is responsible for outsourcing its accounting.)
  • HR: Hiring and termination, creation of job descriptions, compensation packages, employee training.
  • Legal: Hire legal advisers and work closely with them within the Unites States (contract support, tax advisory).
  • Communication: The Regional Director is the public face of the company in the United States and is responsible for coordinating PR.
  • Strategy: Current and long term development goals to be presented to and approved by the board.


Qualified candidates must possess the following skills:

  • MBA or Bachelors in related area of study.
  • Digital Marketing (affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC) knowledge and experience.
  • Proven track record in effective Company Development.  Solid management/operational experience and strong leadership qualities - energetic and charismatic, capable of creating and leading an effective team throughout the envisioned growth process. Including hiring, corporate planning, etc
  • IT industry and specifics (SaaS, admin usability issues, security measures) knowledge needed in order to understand and improve the service.
  • Knowledge and experience in the Event industry heavily preferred to effectively communicate and respond to industry demands. - Strong Preference for candidates already familiar with the IAEE, UFI, and IFES organizations.
  • Sales, Marketing and Brand Management experience.
  • Fiscal control experience: Ability to develop financial plans, analyze and interpret financial date, manage resources, etc.
  • Strong presentation skills.  Savvy in high-level corporate meetings.  Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Travel up to once a week.
  • Additional Preferences: Hands On management approach. Entrepreneurial Creative Spirit, Effective Strategist, Consummate knowledge of the EVENTS INDUSTRY and it's major players. Exceptional Network and Relationship building experience with prior demonstrated success.


Compensation: Highly Competitive -  Please include your desired compensation.




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