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Industry Experience     < Click here for just the list of Industries we service.
Placement Experience  < Click here for just the list of job titles that we specialize in.
Industry ExperiencePlacement Experience

Core Industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance

We work with Companies Large and small, Start-up to Established to build key Management and support teams in the Primary Industries of:

IT, Finance & Marketing.


Secondary Industries :

We have experience within these industries and large resume databases of top talent, but have not had a strong demand. If you have a hiring need in one of the following industries don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to put these resources to use!

  • Biotech/Med Device/Pharma
  • Medica/Healthcare
  • Engineering 
  • Science- Research,Engineering,Project Managers,Green/Alternative Energy/Environmental etc.
  • Construction
  • Non-Profit - we offer discounted rates for verified non-profits.
  • Legal
  • Event Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate/Property Management

* This is not a complete list. If you do not see your particular job title listed here it is not an indication that we will be unable to staff your position. The following is a general list of positions we staff.


Executive Level across many industries:









Assistant Director

General Manager

Senior Manager

Project Manager


Support Level:

Executive Assistant



Information Technology

Information Officer

Technology Officer

General Manager

Project Manager

Business Analyst

Director of Strategy and Planning

eBusiness Specialist

Java Developer

.NET Developer

Network Architect
Network Engineer
Network System Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Security Specialist
Senior Applications Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Network Architect
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Network System Administrator
Senior Programmer
Senior Programmer Analyst
Senior Security Specialist
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Support Specialist
Senior System Administrator
Senior System Analyst
Senior System Architect
Senior System Designer
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Software Engineer
Senior Web Administrator
Senior Web Developer
Software Engineer
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Support Specialist
System Administrator
System Analyst
System Architect
System Designer
Systems Analyst
Systems Software Engineer
Technical Specialist
Telecommunications Specialist
Web Administrator
Web Developer





Auditing Director

Budget Analyst

Budget Manager


Credit Analyst



Finance Director

Finance Manager

Finance Analyst

Risk Manager

Senior Accountant

Sox Compliance Officer

Tax Accountant


CPA Accountants





Account Executive

Brand Manager

Business Development 

Customer Relationship Manger

Coordinator Marketing

Online Marketing Director
Online Marketing Manager
Online Promotions Manager
Online/Interactive Media Buyer
Online/Interactive Media Planner

Product Marketing Manager/Analyst


Sales Administrator

Sales Manager Inside/Outside

Search Engine Marketer
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist


Product Manager

Public Relations

VP/Director Sales & Marketing


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