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Industry Experience:
Marketing and Communications

Years of Experience:

Current Industry:
IT (Start-Up)

Current Job Title:
Marketing & Operations

Current Role and Responsibilities:
As Marketing Manager, I create all visual assets and content for print and online branding and marketing efforts. Print materials include product manuals, customer POP materials, event booth materials, and all printed business sets. Digital assets include content and graphics for sponsored advertorials, blogging, website and social media, email campaigns, and B2B presentation decks. As Operations Manager,  I created and set up custom-product order procedures between foreign manufacturer and SF office; sales procedures between local sales reps and fulfillment and shipping; bar code set up and e-commerce (, and SalesForce/Google business apps.

Current Location:
SF Bay Area

Strongest Skills:
Listening, watching and understanding the company's relationship with its customers, and then aligning company goals with customer desires through visuals, content/stories and tools that create trust, foster growth, and nurture that relationship for the long term.

Areas of Interest:
The Arts, Wine, Food, Entertainment, Hospitality, Travel/Tourism

Desired Job Titles:
Marketing Manager/Director; Marketing Coordinator, Content Marketing, Copywriter

Desired Locations:
North Bay, San Francisco, South Bay (Santa Cruz), Monterey/Pacific Grove

Desired Compensation:
$100,000 - 150,000

Desired Company Type:
Established, Funded, Family-Owned

Desired Company Size:
Small to Medium

Desired Responsibilities and Duties:
Content Creation, Marketing Plans and Strategies, Media Planning

Other relevant info:

I thrive in an organization that has a clear vision and encourages creative exchange, brainstorming, and allowing ideas that might seem a bit out of the box but contain fresh possibilities for success. My dream job has the option for me to work remotely at least part of the time. Producing creative work from my own quiet, uninterrupted space allows me to focus intently, work more efficiently, and produce high-quality work within deadline.

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